an opportunity to THRIVE

There are millions of critically vulnerable children living without a parent in this world.

There are extraordinary local leaders serving and supporting these children.

We support these leaders so that they can save hundreds, if not thousands, more young lives. 


How We Give


We find remarkable people who provide holistic, direct services to vulnerable children. 

We look for sustainable models which support the full development of a child.  

 Together, we build a plan to sustainably grow and serve more children. 

In partnership with each organization, we create clear, actionable capacity building plans to scale their programs and increase the number of children they serve. 

We provide the resources needed to make this plan a reality. 

We provide capacity building grants, financial modeling, technical expertise, and active network building.  

We believe in sharing. We actively connect grantees, partners and advisers.

We seek every opportunity to collaborate and learn. Operating with trust, transparency and the bigger goal in mind. We review every opportunity, consider every possibility, and when things don't go as planned, we're still available to our grantees to share ideas.

Our Values

We strive for patience, transparency, compassion and collaboration in all we do. We believe that we are beholden to our grantees, for their's is the difficult and patient work.


Our Grantees

We support dedicated, local organizations serving orphaned children through sustainable, holistic, direct service models. We find one another through a network of Global Nominators. 

Our Grants

Unrestricted financial grants to support defined, actionable capacity building plans -- coupled with active networking and financial and technical expertise.