who we are

Ladislav Kossar

A former investment banker who has built a successful venture capital firm, sold several start-ups, and currently manages both a social enterprise accelerator and a small family office. He launched and continues to operate an experiential education program for teenage orphans to improve motivation and acquire skills for social integration in Slovakia. He has a reputation for one of the biggest hearts in Slovakia and speaks 8 languages, 10 when you include “ngo” and “vc”. 

Teal Brown

Teal is an expert in strategic philanthropy. She focuses on systems-level change in how we allocate philanthropic capital for effective economic development. She has designed and implemented social impact strategies alongside Fortune 100 companies, global foundation, family offices and community activists in more than a dozen countries. Her personal commitment to disadvantaged children began when she was 12- years old, playing cards with Turkish refugee girls in a church basement near where she grew up in Vienna, Austria.

strategic advisors, technical advisors and champions 

Passionate, dedicated, thoughtful and generous individuals have committed their time and insight in the following ways:

  • Strategic Advisors help us refine and ignite our strategy
  • Technical Advisors support our grantees with surrounding services to support their work
  • Champions support Orphan Opportunity Fund’s operational capacity and encourage other to join us

Ruma Bose, USA 
Entrepreneur, Girls Advocate

Jozef Bardik, Slovakia 
McKinsey and Co, VC Investor, Philanthropist

Maya Winkelstein 
Executive Director, Open Road Alliance

Marko Fiorese, Monaco 
Global Dignity advocate, Philanthropist, Investor

Shantidevi Galvan Cuenca, Mexico 
Regional Ambassador, Global Youth Nexus 

Saskya Bruysten, Germany 
Yunus Socialbusiness, CEO & Co-founder

Ron Cordes, USA 
Cordes Family Foundation, Impact Investor, Asset Manager

James Snook, USA 
Former CTO, Starbucks; Advocate for Safe Adoptions

Rachel Cohen Gerrol, USA 
Co-Founder, Global Youth Nexus, Global Networker

Matthew Bishop 
US Business Editor and New York Bureau Chief, The Economist