find compassionate, dedicated leaders

Nominator Network

A network of trusted, seasoned advisers working with and for orphans and vulnerable children who use our criteria to provide us with critical guidance and recommendations.  

Former Grantees

What better source of regional recommendations than those who know us, know the region, and value collaboration. This is a stipulation of our grants. 

Constant Search

Through our website, networks, travels, and partners we review all recommendations, consider all applications, and explore all potential grantees. Anytime and always. 



Business models that (a) prioritize longevity of service to vulnerable children in solidarity with communities, governments and companies – and (b) segment philanthropic capital primarily to pilot new ideas, overcome unexpected barriers and seize new opportunities. 


  • shared-programming with local governments
  • earned income models 


Leadership is local, from the region served, and respects the rights of the children, operating with dignity, humility, flexibility and compassion with staff, donors, children, communities and partners alike. 


  • collaborative & trusting interactions 
  • willingness to share full financial & infrastructure picture
  • references from our nominators

Holistic & Direct

Programs include psycho-social support, education, food, a roof, water, economic access, safety, and the love and mentorship of an adult. 


  • programming or partnerships which serve the 12 rights of a child (as defined by the Convention on the Rights of a Child) 

& who need capacity building support to overcome tipping-point moments in their growth

Catalytic Growth Opportunity

We fund organizations at tipping-point moments in their growth – where a stronger organizational infrastructure will mean a significant increase in transformational change for vulnerable children. 


  • hiring a Chief Development Officer, enabling the organization to increase funding & expand programming

Defined Capacity Building Need

We fund actionable, time-bound, and goal-oriented capacity building plans including hiring new staff, purchasing new technologies, revitalizing the Board, or stabilizing organizational infrastructure. 


  • restructuring the board of directors to revitalizing strategic planning  

Action Plan to Leverage

When our grant doesn’t meet the full resources needed to execute the capacity building plan, we co-create a plan to leverage our funds, our networks and our partners’ networks to meet the full need. 


  • using our funding as a matching campaign among existing donors

& invest in their success

Network & Partnership Growth

Active network building, facilitated introductions and stewardship of partnerships through our network of experts and practitioners

Unrestricted Financial Capital

Multi-year unrestricted grants and active co-creation of a plan to leverage additional resources to meet full needs.


Financial & Executive Expertise

Financial modeling and growth strategy thought-partnership on a scheduled, regular basis from our funders & advisers