igniting local leaders

We believe building strong organizations takes patience, hard work and good planning. And we believe that great ideas deserve great support.

Prioritizing sustainability (through partnership with the public sector or significant earned revenue programs), investing in good people, and weathering a few storms together. 

Our model: identify leaders who serve children and invest in their success

First, we identify compassionate, dedicated leaders through our global Nominator Network and through former grantees. We review all outreach on a rolling basis and consider all opportunities. 

Second, we support organizations who provide sustainable, holistic, direct-services to orphans; and who need capacity building support to overcome tipping-point moments in their growth. 

Finally, we provide unrestricted financial capital, network & partnership growth; and financial & executive expertise to these leaders. 

Meet Jackson

Jackson Kiguri is the Founder and Director of Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project in Uganda. He works with children orphaned by AIDS. He provides homes for the children with grandmothers living in rural villages – and he provides income generating craft and entrepreneurship programs for the grandmothers to make this possible. He also runs two schools which operate on fully sustainable models: for each child who pays full tuition, he is able to provide full scholarship and housing for one orphan. His schools are considered among the best High School institutions in all of Uganda.

“A great marketing director. That is the first thing I would do with new money. I need people, and most donors support programs".

Jackson needed a great marketing director to help fill the enrollment for his new school and spread the word about his work to more donors and partners. None of his donors were willing to give the funds for this, they all wanted to donate directly to a specific program – to know that their donation brought in a specific, defined number of children to the program.

Orphan Opportunity provided the resources, both financial modeling advice and the unrestricted funds to hire a new Marketing Officer. We secured a 100% match from the Cordes Family Foundation, providing a total grant value of $50,000 alongside financial modeling and marketing support with Jackson and his team.

The result is catalytic growth, far beyond what program-restricted funding could offer. Jackson leveraged our $50,000 with a matching campaign among his donors, securing the funds to complete the school and begin the search for the innovative, entrepreneurial, Uganda-based marketing director he needs.   

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